Lyneham Primary School

Lyneham Primary School

Belong - Believe - Achieve

Year 1 and 2 Knowledge Organisers


2022-23 Term 4

 T4 Y1-2 D&T Healthy Pizzas.pdfDownload
 T4 Y1-2 GEOGRAPHY Continents and Oceans.pdfDownload
 T4 Y1-2 PSHE Healthy Me.pdfDownload
 T4 Y1-2 RE Judaism.pdfDownload
 T4 Y1-2 English Malala's Magic Pencil.pdfDownload
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2022-23 Term 3

 T2 Y1-2 PSHE Dreams and Goals.pdfDownload
 T3 Y1-2 ART Edward Tingatinga.pdfDownload
 T3 Y1-2 GEOGRAPHY Tanzania and the UK.pdfDownload
 T3 Y1-2 RE Buddhism.pdfDownload
 T3 Y1-2 SCIENCE Living Things and Their Habitats.pdfDownload
 T3 Y1-2 English One Day on our Blue Planet.pdfDownload
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2022-23 Term 2

 T2 Y1-2 D&T Puppets.pdfDownload
 T2 Y1-2 GEOGRAPHY Islands.pdfDownload
 T2 Y1-2 PSHE Celebrating Difference (Y2).pdfDownload
 T2 Y1-2 RE Christmas Celebrations.pdfDownload
 T2 Y1-2 SCIENCE Animals including Humans (Y2).pdfDownload
 T2 Y1-2 English Katie Morag.pdfDownload
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2022-23 Term 1

 T1 Y1-2 ART Salvador Dali.pdfDownload
 T1 Y1-2 COMPUTING Using the Internet.pdfDownload
 T1 Y1-2 PSHE BMIMW (Y2).pdfDownload
 T1 Y1-2 RE Leaders & Teachers.pdfDownload
 T1 Y1-2 English A Necklace of Raindrops.pdfDownload
 T1 Y1-2 HISTORY Leaders.pdfDownload
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