Lyneham Primary School

Lyneham Primary School

Belong - Believe - Achieve

Welcome to Lyneham Primary School


I would like to extend to you a very warm welcome to Lyneham Primary School. Lyneham Primary is growing in every sense of the word. We constantly strive to deliver a world class education to our student population. Our teachers are committed to being the best that they can be and are always happy to meet new faces and welcome visitors into their classrooms. We see lots of people come and go from our school community, so it is vital that people feel a sense of belonging as quickly as possible and we take great steps to ensure that happens here.

Our children are proud to be a part of Lyneham for many reasons. It might be that they are budding DJs and are working lunchtime shift in the radio station, they might be future engineers and enjoy spending time building Lego models at one of our ‘Lunch Clubs’, some of them really enjoy the extra opportunities we provide them to take part in sporting activities, but they all understand that learning is valued above all here at Lyneham and that can be seen in their hard work. Progress is different for everyone, but regardless of what it is for you, here at Lyneham we will help you to make it. We believe everyone has the ability to learn and that practice might not make perfect, but it will make progress.

Mr John Read