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Our School Newsletter is an important way of communicating information to our families. It is published at least once per term on this page for you to download and emailed to all our parents and carers. If you have not received a Newsletter by email and you think you should have done, please let the School Office know.

Academic Year 2023-24

 Term 1 Oct News Letter.pdfDownload
 Term 2 Dec News Letter.pdfDownload
 Term 3 Jan News Letter.pdfDownload
 Term 4 March News Letter.pdfDownload
 Term 5 May News Letter.pdfDownload
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Academic Year 2022-23

 Autumn Term 1 News Letter 181022.pdfDownload
 Term 2 November News Letter 251122.pdfDownload
 Term 3 February News Letter 030223.pdfDownload
 Term 4 March News Letter 100323.pdfDownload
 Term 4 March News Letter 2.pdfDownload
 Term 5 May News Letter.pdfDownload
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