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Knowledge Organisers


"Know more today about the world than you knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others.” 
 Neil deGrasse Tyson

So that we are able to monitor the impact our curriculum is having and so that we can check on how effective our teaching is, we have created knowledge organisers for each year group.  We issue children with these so that they can remind themselves of the key facts and knowledge that they need to retain in order to make the most of the subsequent curriculum.  We revisit knowledge year on year so that children can make connections between the things that they are learning and so that they are able to extend their understanding of different subjects.  For example, learning about rainforests in Geography in Year 1 will help with their understanding of explorers such as Percy Fawcett in History in Year 3.  This knowledge in turn helps children make the most of their learning in English in Year 5 when they study the book ‘The Explorers’.

If your child is new to our school and starting in a year group other that EYFS, you may like to read through the earlier years’ knowledge organisers to gain a picture of the information that might help your children.  We have carefully selected complimentary films, television programmes, books, music and weekend visits that may you may want to use is helping your child to access the curriculum.

We will be building on our knowledge organisers throughout the year.  You can read some of the knowledge organisers on the drop-down menu specific to your child's year group, but if you would like more information at any time please speak with your child’s class teacher who will be happy to explain and answer any questions you may have.


For the latest Knowledge Organisers please select your child's year group from the drop-down choices via the 'Learning' tab above.