Forest School



There is a growing body of research and literature that discusses the so called ‘nature deficit disorder’ that Britain’s children are facing. The danger from traffic, the issue of health and safety and achieving a ‘zero risk’ world as well as parental fears of ‘stranger danger’ have all had a consequence on children’s freedom to roam in the wider environment. A recent paper from the National Trust reports that on average, Britain’s children watch over 2 and a half hours of TV per day and spend more than 20 hours per week online.  There is evidence to suggest that this sedentary, indoor lifestyle is having profound consequences for our children’s health, especially with regard to obesity, physical fitness levels as well as mental health, behavioural and emotional problems being on the rise.


For this reason, we believe that outdoor learning opportunities form an important part of our Lyneham Curriculum. All year groups benefit from regular visits to our local Cowleaze copse. We follow the Wild Passport curriculum which supports the progression of knowledge and skills across five distinct skill areas. These are: Fire, Rope, Shelter, Woodcraft and Nature Awareness. We are also very fortunate to have our very own roundhouse in our school grounds which is used for various learning opportunities including lunchtime and after school clubs.