Condover Hall Nov 2017


Monday 13th November   2.20pm

After a lovely pitstop for lunch at midday, the group continued their journey to Condover Hall.  They've arrived safely and everyone is very excited and can't wait to start the afternoon activities.


Tuesday 14th November  9.30am

After a yummy breakfast of cereal, toast, beans, scrambled eggs and bacon, children are heading off for their first activity of the day.

The morning's activities will include laser maze, grid of stones, sensory trail, survival skills followed by aerial track and rocket launch. 


Wednesday 15th November  10.00am

Yesterday was another fun packed day which ended with children playing a life version of Cluedo - following and investigating clues left by suspicious characters!  It turned out to be the least suspicious person - Chilli (Mrs Barlow) - who was the murderer!

Today's activities include Gladiator Wall, Abseiling, Sensory Trail, Archery and Fencing.  Attached are some photos of the groups doing their activities.




Sensory Trail

Gladiators Wall


Thursday 16th November  10.50am

Cannot believe that it's our last full day!  Activities for today include archery, team building, climbing, buggy building and survival skills.

Tonight we will be singing and showing off all our skills around the camp fire.  All the children are really looking forward to this activity.  Mrs Sharma has had a sneak preview of some brilliant comedy scene to be acted out by some of the boys.  This should be a real treat!!

Attached are some photos of the groups doing activities -

Group photo

Buggy Building

Buggy No2


Team Building


Tomorrow's plan - after a yummy hot breakfast around 7.30am, the children will do the Conquest activities.  Hot lunch around noon and then pack and leave at 1pm.  Planning to be back at school before 4pm.

The weather has been really good all week, so fingers crossed that it will continue to do so.


Friday 17th November   11.15am

Last activities before they head home - laser maze, rocket launch, climbing and survival skills.  Lunch at noon and then they are on their way. 


Final Day - Whole Group Photo !!